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    Fleece Padded Adjustable Dog Harness Coat

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    When the cold weather hits, make sure your small dog isn’t shivering and stays warm with the soft and comfortable Soft Warm Winter Pet Harness Jacket. Made with 100% cotton to keep moisture out like freezing rain or snow, and to help keep warm air in, so your dog always stays warm. This small fleece dog vest is safe, durable, and made to last.  


    • STEP-IN. HOOK-UP. READY TO GO- You can quickly and easily put on your dog and head outside no spending minutes struggling to put it on. Easy on, easy off, means when there’s an emergency, this hassle-free small dog fleece zips on and off with ease.

    • STYLE MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - This isn’t your typical harness or dog jacket. Choose from over different colours to make sure your small dog is the warmest and coolest fleece dog sweater on the block. It’s designed big enough for your dog to comfortably walk and go to the bathroom. Plus, it features a harness on the back to use for short winter walks. 

    • EASY TO CLEAN - That’s why we made it machine-washable to remove any dirt easily. No handwashing or worrying about the dog fleece jacket setting ruined after one walk. Throw it in the washer and dryer, and it’s good to go for your next winter adventure.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: We provide your dog with quality wear. We make sure that your dog is happy and satisfied while being safe and warm.

    • CLASSIC DESIGN: This is a classic design, color, and style of various choices, your dog favorite to wear, lovely feeling full, never tire of.


    • Material: 100% cotton


    1x PC of Soft Warm Winter Pet Harness Jacket